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HICS training event

HfL will be hosting another training event in Stevenage. The topics which will be discussed are: – user based filtering/transparent proxy user based filtering – IP based filtering – DNS self-service – filtering alerts – self-service firewall

If you’re interested in attending, please follow and register on this link:

SSL Inspection

As part of the migration to the new HICS network it’s important that you deploy the RM SafetyNet SSL certificate to your network computers and any standalone devices,  as SSL inspection will be turned on for all sites from the day you migrate.  Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

HICS communication

Important information regarding your renewed Hertfordshire Internet Connectivity Service (HICS)

As you know, Herts for Learning (HfL) extended the sign-up process for joining the new and improved Hertfordshire Internet Connectivity Service (HICS) after requests from schools for more information about the service.  We are delighted that more than 500 of Hertfordshire schools subsequently decided to remain with the HICS service and as a result we were able to maximise savings for all shareholders.  Because of the extension to the sign up process and the increased uptake, we now need to implement a phased migration, rather than a complete estate switch over on 1st October as originally communicated.

Although the migration is a complex and multifaceted process, this is completely managed by HfL and there will be no interruptions to your service throughout this period. The phased migration to the new and improved HICS service began over the summer period and we anticipate that the last site will switch over by January 2018.  Our partners (RM Education) will be in contact with you directly to walk your school through the steps of the migration, during the phased roll out period. As soon as your school has been migrated, many of the new features of the new service will be available to you, the remaining features will go live once all schools have migrated. Please see below for a breakdown.

In order to help your school maximise the great new features and benefits of the improved HICS service, we will be sharing some online training videos in the coming weeks.  We will also be running FREE training sessions at Robertson House, Stevenage. These sessions are designed for network administration staff, enabling network managers and IT support staff to maximise the new features and benefits of the new HICS service. If your school is interested in attending please book here 17SIT/092A – click here to book &  17SIT/093A – click here to book

If you have any questions relating to the HICS transition, please visit our frequently asked questions on the HICS Website:

FAQ - HICS (467KB)

or contact the HfL IT service desk on 01438 844777 (opt. 1 then opt. 2) /