New NAT IP address range

Collectively we have exhausted the subnet  that RM have previously set aside for NATs:  RM have now provided us with this additional range:

Please note that these IPs will only be used by RM when creating firewall rules on behalf of HICS schools – and not for their ‘core customers’. Further information can be found here:

Thanks for your ongoing support and if I do not post again before Christmas, I hope you all have nice break.


The HICS Team


One minute drop out this morning

Between 11:44 and 11:45 this morning, there was a loss of service affecting most of the schools on the network. This was due to a backhaul network issue within the Talk Talk Business infrastructure. This would have impacted voice and data services for lots of Talk Talk Business customers – not just Hertfordshire Schools. This issue occurred due to a ‘flap’ on a Talk Talk circuit which connects back to the Telehouse West site. Hopefully that’s our network wide outage out of the way for the academic year!

HICS Case Study

Herts for Learning has put together the following case study to illustrate the impact of the implementation of the new HICS service, in delivering both a tailored service and savings to schools:

HICS case study


Wednesday’s training session

Thanks to everyone who attended Wednesday’s training session. I have cascaded the slides to all the attendees but if anyone else would like to receive these, please get in touch.


Kevin Crawley

HICS training event

HfL will be hosting another training event in Stevenage. The topics which will be discussed are: – user based filtering/transparent proxy user based filtering – IP based filtering – DNS self-service – filtering alerts – self-service firewall

If you’re interested in attending, please follow and register on this link:

CCTV article

This recently published article from the Daily Mail serves as a reminder to always use secure passwords, particularly for internet facing resources: