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Google searches – FIXED

We believe this is now fixed. If you think differently, please let us know. Resolution details will be add in due course. Thanks for your understanding.

Issue with Google search filtering

RM have identified the issue and are working towards the resolution. Further updates will be provided in the due course

Google update

My understanding is that when you try and browse to a HTTPS site through a Google search – the search will not load. If you type the HTTPS site straight into the browser – the page loads. Also if you disable SSL inspection – and use the nossl proxy settings, I think all works correctly (but SSL inspection is of course turned off then).  Proxy settings:

RM are working on this and they believe that Google may have changed something at their end, causing this problem to occur. Naturally this remains high priority with RM. Thanks

Filtering issue with Google searches

We are aware of an issue on SSL Filtering where websites are getting blocked while being accessed through a Google search. This has been escalated within RM and their senior engineers are investigating this as a high priority.

Transparent filtering on your 172.* network

We are pleased to announce that new functionality is available whereby transparent filtering can now be deployed on your 172.* network. Schools will not see any additional charges for this new functionality.

Further details can be found here:

New NAT IP address range

Collectively we have exhausted the subnet  that RM have previously set aside for NATs:  RM have now provided us with this additional range:

Please note that these IPs will only be used by RM when creating firewall rules on behalf of HICS schools – and not for their ‘core customers’. Further information can be found here:

Thanks for your ongoing support and if I do not post again before Christmas, I hope you all have nice break.


The HICS Team