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Google issue from 29th January

Following on from the Google search issues that occurred last month, RM have provided HfL with a report on this incident.

Report Summary 

On 29th January 2019, users reported issues accessing Google search results when using SSL proxies ( etc.). While trying to access search results, users were not receiving the desired webpage, instead they were getting a filtered message.

When dealing with a non-Herts eSafety query, the RM Service Desk added a new deny rule into the RM Global List (RM Pornography) within RM SafetyNet. This resulted in denying all the Google URL’s containing the rule. The change was applied to the live environment after being tested. Whilst the initial rule was overly broad, it was implemented quickly with a safety first approach as the video on YouTube was of a highly offensive nature. Following analysis and fault detection, this entry was updated to a more surgical approach, allowing for normal google search access to resume.

Follow-On Actions: The RM Management Team will discuss and finalise further safety measures that needs to be taken when staff amend the RM Global Lists. RM Management will also review the current testing scenarios and propose amendments if required.  Additional training will also be delivered to the RM Service Desk and they will be reminded of the importance when amending rules on the RM Global Lists.  HfL have requested RM keep us updated on developments.

Google update

My understanding is that when you try and browse to a HTTPS site through a Google search – the search will not load. If you type the HTTPS site straight into the browser – the page loads. Also if you disable SSL inspection – and use the nossl proxy settings, I think all works correctly (but SSL inspection is of course turned off then).  Proxy settings:

RM are working on this and they believe that Google may have changed something at their end, causing this problem to occur. Naturally this remains high priority with RM. Thanks

Speed issues on the Updata transparent proxy

We are investigating reports that schools on the old network are experiencing performance issues on their transparent proxy. Updata are dealing with this. Please note that this is not impacting schools who have migrated over to the RM network.


Kevin Crawley

HICs Network – Full Service Restored

Good Morning

Following a rollback of the whole system undertaken by Updata last night, we believe that all connectivity services are now working as expected.  If this is not the case for your school, please let us know via the ICT Service Desk on 01438 844777 Option 1 and then 2

Thank you for your patience over the past few days.  We are fully aware of how disruptive this must have been to you all, and we will be expecting a full incident report from Updata in due course

HICS Network Issues

Updata after consultation with HICS and HCC, have decided the next step is to revert the changes made to the Netsweeper filtering platform and put everything back as it was prior to the attempted upgrade.  They are expecting this work to take 4-5 hours to complete from 13:00 on 26/06/17.  HICS/HCC are in close communication with Updata and if we receive any updates between now and the close of business, we will communicate them.

Known issues:

  • Transparent proxy network is completely down at all sites within HICS
  • SSL Inspection has been turned on at all sites regardless of if it was on previously
  • Access to the Netsweeper proxy admin console is unavailable
  • WSUS synchronisations are failing
  • GSuite/Chromebook connection issues relating to SSL inspection


There may be some localised issues however once the change has been reverted these should be resolved.

We can understand the frustrations this loss of service is causing, rest assured this is being raised to the highest level within HfL/Updata & HCC.

Continued Internet Problems

We would like to apologise for the ongoing disruption to internet provision today.  Updata are continuing their investigations and we are awaiting further contact from them. We will update you as soon as we have more information